- use portions of these kits in your layouts that will be submitted to digital scrapbooking sites online or submitted to Scrapbooking and/or related magazines for publication as long as proper credit is given to me as the designer. This includes any graphics that you have altered.
- use the graphics included in this kit to design your personnal website only if you're not selling anything on it.
- alter any graphics with respect to color, size or by adding to
or removing from them. (Please see below for more information on altering graphics).
- claim graphics or altered graphics as your own.
- submit entire kits, individual elements or templates as your own design to magazines - online or print editions, or online websites or groups.
- make alteration to graphics in any way that will take away the artistic integrity of the original creation.
- incorporate these graphics into any commercial projects; i.e.: web design/sites, templates, or any projects which will produce income unless specific permission is granted.
- resell, sublicense or otherwise make available the graphic(s) for use or distribution separately or in a format designed or intended for permanent storage or re-use by others.
- use any graphic(s) from this kit to create obscene, defamatory, or immoral works. Nor is it permitted to use content (graphic(s)) from this kit for any other purpose which is prohibited by law.
Please give the credits when you use and show my design on your sites.



- You may not resell my products in their original design individually.
- You may not resell my products in their original design if they are actions, brushes, styles, templates, etc.
- You may not use our commercial use products to make other commercial use products (NO CU4CU)
- When creating Quick Pages the final product needs to be saved as .png or .jpg format with no individual layers or elements files.
- My commercial products should be 30% of a kit except for alphas.
- You may not use my graphics on ilegal websites or publications.
- You may not desature or alter any of my graphics to resell them as Templates or brushes.
– You may alter size, colors (grayscale products), as you need.
- You may not offer any of these graphics on any webpage for download.
- You are not required to give proper credit in your terms of use, but it would be much appreciated.

Thank you for respecting my terms.
EMAIL: For any question, email me at