venerdì 20 settembre 2013

coupons, freebies, 5$ bundles and For Losers Only!

Hello there!
September is the month of my b-day, BUT it's also the b-day of GingerScraps!
SO....let's celebrate!

and don't forget to use my coupons for you!

I have  a new kit for you, called
check it out now at 25% off!

-40 unique elements 
-7 solid papers 
-7 patterned papers

And I have also 3 special bundles
5$ EACH!

Don't miss them, is a limited offer!
And now, last but not least, your freebie!!

Enjoy the B-day FB Hop by GingerScraps!
Here's my part:
to get it FREE!

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Have a nice day,
aka ViolaMoni

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