venerdì 24 maggio 2013

Watch Out! new collab kit + freebie

Hey there!
This week I have a new original project for you!
I made a collab kit with the help of my boyfriends Luciano (aka Nasty), he gave me some beautiful ideas and he found for me some cute elements (in his office) that I included in this kit!
now -30%
available at
-20 papers
-50 elements
NOW 30% OFF!
Here some inspirations for you:
and here a special video promo made by Nasty! Enjoy his channel!

I hope you like this idea of a little video promo to see what's inside the kit! :)

And now your freebie, made by Renata!
Stay tuned with me:
aka ViolaMoni

4 commenti:

Francine ha detto...

Love the video presentation for the kit!! Totally awesome and SO creative!!

Anonimo ha detto...

hi Violamoni,
we are planing to buy your last kit " Watch Out! " who looks great .
We love the letters in the word : " Caution " ( silver stroke ). Maybe you could offer the full alpha as a freebie ? This would be a nice add on to the kit .

Thank you so much for considering :-)

ViolaMoni ha detto...

I didn't make any full alpha coordinated with this kit, but thanks for the suggestion.

Anonimo ha detto...

Great kit .. THANK YOU ;~} for the freebie ..from crystalnva