mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Meet my CT! #4

Hello girls!

Welcome to "meet my ct!" #4!

This first week I have the pleasure to introduce you....Qadirah, aka ModpodgeDesignScraps a girl from Woodbridge of my CT!

You can find her around the web here:
Let's see what she has to say... :)

- What's your name and what's you nickname around the digiscrap community? ModpodgeDesignScraps

- How did you get involved in digital scrap booking?
a friend of mine introduced me to it in 2003

- How long have you been digiscrapping?
Since 2003

- Are you strictly Digital?
No, actually I am about 60% digital and 40% traditional/hybrid

- Do you prefer to use a Template to make your pages?
I love templates..

- Which part of a kit do you like most?
Definitely the elements

- favorite color:

- favorite song:
Dance with my Father (Luther Vandross)

- favorite perfume:
Chanel No5

- favorite animal:

I also asked Qadirah to give us an example of her better works.... here two pages from her:
Thanks Qadirah!
I hope you enjoy this interview!

Stay tuned for "the girl #5! the next week, on wednesday! ;)


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