venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Vintage Feeling

In this period I'm feel a little "vintage"...or maybe I'm feeling a little old?! O_o
Anyway, I love the vintage stuff! I have also a board on Pinterest (yep, follow me on Pinterest!!^_^), here, called "VintageLove": old cameras, old telephones, postcards, and so on...
So I made a new kit about this, I really like it and I'm sure that I'll make a new one similar soon!

Here it is: Vintage Feeling, at Scrapable!
Now you can grab it for only 2$!

Here some pages from the creative artists team:

they're all great, uh?! :)

Stay tuned for a new release on March 8th and don't forget to get your freebie in the post below!



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